Annual Members Letter

Dear Friend,

We hope our annual members letter finds you well!

After a year of memorable Tavern and town celebrations in 2019, the Reading Antiquarian Society’s goal for 2020 was to focus on tavern preservation and strategic planning–all while continuing to offer traditional programming and Tavern tours.

In March, it became clear that any plans we had for 2020 would need to be fluid.  The Board of Directors held our first ZOOM board meeting and in response to state and local pandemic guidelines, we voted to postpone scheduled spring events and keep the Tavern closed until summer.  Our focus turned to preservation projects, and work began in earnest.  We continued to monitor pandemic protocols, and at our August board meeting, we established that our top priority is to protect the health and safety of our visitors and volunteers.  And so, we made the difficult decision to keep the Tavern closed for the entire season.  And although our doors are temporarily closed, the work continues.

Here is a snapshot of some of the happenings this year:

Parker Tavern by the Numbers 2019-2020


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Since 1923, the Parker Tavern has been privately owned by the Reading Antiquarian Society.  Our members have been the lifeblood of the Tavern for nearly 100 years– helping to maintain the historic structure and the beautiful grounds as well as providing educational programs.

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Board of Directors for the Reading Antiquarian Society

President:           Diane Wilson
Vice President: Eric Workman
Treasurer:          Everett Blodgett
Board at Large: Judy Clark, Brenda Lavin, Craig Taylor, Sue White